Recharging Your Energy Field


Essentially, I open myself up to being a channel for cosmic light energy to flow freely through my hands to you. The energy healing can be directed to a particular area that needs specific attention or spread throughout the energy field for a whole-being approach. Hand placement can be over the energy field or directly on the body.

Ayurveda describes 5 layers to the aura or energy field, moving out from the physical body, which comprises the first layer. The pranic body is the layer closest to the physical form and holds our vital energy which animates our being and bodily processes. It’s fluidity, purity and strength are the primary focus of Ayurvedic breathwork (pranayama which clears the pranic channels.)

Moving outward from the pranic layer is the mental/emotional body, which holds our reflexive thoughts and feelings and in turn affects and influences the pranic and physical body.

Discernment and consciousness compose the next layer, which is strengthened with following one’s innate wisdom.

The final layer is the bliss body, which is strengthened with service and love of the self and other.

Channeled light healing can be directed to all these layers, your entire energy field! Having received my master level Reiki attunements channeled light further opens up the potential for healing beyond Reiki, as it is guided by my intention for the highest and purest light energy including Reiki energy to flow freely through me.

Working with energy medicine has honed my awareness of the power of thought and intention, as it operates and effects results primarily under these premises.

Being completely present with a client is imperative for effective healing, and I am grateful for this opportunity to practice such presence and service.

Many healers share that they receive the healing that they are giving. This reciprocal principle of giving and receiving particularly resonates with me, as I try to live my life in this remembrance.

I’ll often incorporate channeled sound therapy with channeled light as they pair well together. I’ll also often layer such energy medicine with other healing modalities. Once a skillset is available to me, why not use it in every process, including radiating healing energy in consultation. More light is a good thing. The world needs more light. Including yours. So let’s beam your field and boost your light quotient.

1 hour. $333

channeled light healing
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”