Known in Ayurveda as Hrid basti, this treatment employs a handmade doughnut placed at the energetic heart center and filled with warm, herbalized oil. The intention is to both nourish the emotional heart and release energetic and emotional blocks from past grief and trauma.  The release and healing through this treatment can be simple and surprisingly quick.  Which makes it is a client favorite!  

It can offer a deep release of negative association with past events, provide insight, and impart a sense of bliss and groundedness within one’s identity.  

I hold space for you during the treatment and offer channeled light or channeled sound healing to facilitate an optimal release and transformation that has the time, space, and tools to occur during this process.

The herbalized oil is renowned in the Ayurveda for releasing ama (mental and emotional stagnation) that can block the natural flow at energy centers.  When things move and flow as they should, there is room for inspiration to enter.  Bliss is what’s left when we remove the layers and murk of negative emotions, as bliss is our true nature.  

Ayurveda describes the layers of the aura such as the pranic energy body and mental/emotional body influencing the physical body.  Indeed, the physical body has been called crystalized mind.  It is, therefore, so important to empower ourselves with the utmost nourishment of our mental/emotional body for optimal physical health.  

I usually don’t offer this as a solo treatment without having assessed the client’s readiness for this treatment.  It is helpful to have consulted with a client and prepared the energetic body with marma for optimal results.  Therefore it’s usually third or fourth in a series of visits.   

However many clients have done a lot of personal work and development with the assistance of a variety of practitioners before they see me, and this may be the missing piece that they employ to tip into a healing state and complete a process.  It therefore can be booked as a solo treatment after an initial consultation.  

emotional heart therapy
“This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something.”
Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)