nisha khanna integrative functional ayurvedic medical doctor


The ‘you’ you want yourself and your loved ones to know, see, and feel.

Vibrant, joyful, present, peaceful, radiant, and empowered. Your light is on, and it’s bright. Shining on all you encounter. Here’s how:

The most favorable diet and detox protocols for your unique body type. The specific supplements that best support your vitality. The optimal hormone levels and restorative therapies to balance and rejuvenate your neuroendocrine system.

Nisha Khanna, MD

East-Meets-West Integrative Medicine

Nisha is a board-certified internist who has been practicing medicine since 2005. As a Western-trained physician, she learned the strengths and limitations of the modern medical system and sought to reach beyond its boundaries. Born into an Indian family, Nisha was exposed to Ayurveda at an early age and drew upon its timeless wisdom for self-healing for over twenty years. When conventional clinical experience convinced her that she had to be able to offer more to her patients, a return to her roots showed her a powerful path to healing the entirety of people’s beings.

Nisha pursued her formal Ayurvedic education in Albuquerque, New Mexico under Dr. Vasant Lad, the world-renowned Ayurvedic physician and educator. Concurrent to her training as an Ayurvedic practitioner, she learned the healing art of marma (Vedic acupressure) and is registered with Yoga Alliance as an AyurYoga teacher.

Upon returning to Austin, she then learned of Functional Medicine and recognized it as a bridge between modern medicine and ancient healing. It too highlighted intestinal disturbance as the root cause of disease and favored dietary change, supplements, and herbs over pharmaceuticals. She practiced in a Functional Medicine clinic for over a year and then co-directed the Wholefoods employee clinic with her Functionally-trained partner for two years. During this time, she also expanded her understanding of Mind-Body Therapies and Energy Medicine. Today, she integrates these modalities in her treatment plans for her private practice patients.

Drawing from her varied experience and training, she works with the patient’s entire mind-body-spirit complex and favors treatment plans that focus on hormone balance and intestinal health and that minimize testing and supplements to that which is absolutely necessary and for the shortest duration necessary. Her focus is on patient education and empowerment, allowing the vibrancy and freedom of one’s truest nature to flourish. Her long-term goal for her patients is total healing and independence from supplements, medications, and the physician herself.


I am so grateful. It’s such grace to study healing in a breadth that spans time and space and bring it to you.

I integrate medicine, selecting and creating what I feel is best for you. I never stop learning and exploring, so that I can always bring you the best of me.

Your highest potential health is my goal. Making a difference in your life and all the lives that your vibrance touches is the reason I do what I do. We may just meet for one visit but more likely several over the first few months.

Ultimately, my goal is to get you well so that you don’t need to see me, not keep you sick.

I think you’re worth it. Take the first step. What an honor it is to serve you.


I love Dr. Khanna! Not only is she professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy, but she truly listens and provides solutions that are tailored just for me. Every time I have a session with her, no matter what service, I always leave feeling restored, supported, and healthier! Can’t say enough good things about her.

Krista Jack

Dr. Khanna has a profound, well-rounded wisdom when it comes to whole person health and wellness, and finding a comprehensive path that will lead to each person’s true healing. She worked with me on sleep and gut issues but was able to identify other key imbalances underlying some other issues as well. She is kind and gentle but with a firm knowingness that makes you feel confident she is going to be able to help you.

Blake Shanley

Dr. Khanna has magic hands! I just had an Ayurvedic oil treatment done with Marma and Reiki. It was just heavenly!!! I feel so blissful and peaceful right now, during the treatment I was so relaxed that I felt like I was floating in water, incredible! She is a true healer with so much care and grace. I’m so grateful for this experience. Thank you and I can’t wait for our next session!

Amanda Huras

Dr. Khanna is phenomenal!! The combination of her kindness, knowledge, and desire to balance the mind and body is so comforting and special. During our first consultation I couldn’t help but acknowledge how thorough she is, and how well she listened to my concerns and my wellness goals. I’m so grateful to have a doctor that is equally as caring as she is knowledgeable. Looking forward to continuing our work together!

Ps, her Reiki, Marma, & Oil treatments are out of this world. I highly recommend for a de-stressing session!

Charlie Q Robert