East meets West

Conditions most benefited through a Functional Ayurvedic approach include:

Suboptimal digestion: Don’t dismiss your digestion! Reflux, indigestion, constipation, and IBS symptoms including gas, bloating, abdominal pain and distention are often a result of disordered digestion.  Intervening at this juncture to balance digestion can be an important step in disease prevention and the propagation of imbalance.  Layering the functional lens of repairing leaky gut with the concept of optimal Agni aims to alleviate symptoms and address the root cause of disease and provide a holistic, individualized approach to gut health.

Energy and vitality: Are you sick and tired of not knowing why you are so tired? Targeted hormone assessment, detoxification, herbs, supplements, and guided restoration/rejuvenation can be used to revive a more optimal, vital version of yourself so that you can best share your light and purpose with the world.

Clear Skin and Optimal Body Size/Shape: I like to say beauty isn’t skin deep.  It mirrors the health and radiance of body, mind, and spirit.  Optimizing digestion, detoxification, and lowering inflammation are key tenets to clear skin and optimal body functioning and form.  Form follows function as we aim to heal from the inside, out.  Herbs, nutrition, and mind-body practices such as breathwork and hypnosis provide an important holistic complement to this whole-being healing approach.

Hormone Optimization: Are your labs normal, but you don’t feel quite right? A functional lens is applied to adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones aiming for an alleviation of symptoms and optimization of test results. Additionally, Ayurvedic practices are shared for adrenal restoration, hypothyroidism, irregular menses, PMS, and menopausal management.

Chronic/Recurrent Yeast and Fungal Infections: There are alternative solutions to taking chronic suppressive prescription medication!  In such cases, a functional approach can provide a root-cause-based solution and a path to healing leaky gut which can then ripple into profound systemic benefits. NLP/Hypnosis aims to address the mind-body roots that propagate the cycle of imbalance.

Mental Health and Sleep: Our mental health is key to how we move through and make a difference in the world! Conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress can often be managed without medication. We are complex beings and our mindset can be affected by so many variables.  A multi-faceted approach to management is often necessary, involving improving gut health, detoxification, nutritional optimization, hormone balance, Ayurvedic breath and bodywork, NLP/Hypnosis, and energy healing.  The emphasis is on the whole-being healing versus providing a band-aid.

All care is individualized to the patient’s needs and no practitioner can guarantee or promise results or outcomes.

Integrative Functional Medicine Ayurveda Doctor

Medical Consultation

A multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness integrating Ayurveda and Functional Medicine. In-depth assessments of adrenal, thyroid, and intestinal health may be used alongside Ayurvedic tongue and pulse diagnosis to create your personalized treatment plan.

Diet, lifestyle modification, yoga, herbs, supplements, and hormone management may be utilized to attain your optimal and balanced potential.

healing heart therapy

Emotional Heart RX

Known in Ayurveda as Hrid Basti, this treatment employs a handmade doughnut placed at the energetic heart center and filled with warm, herbalized oil. The intention is to both nourish the emotional heart and release energetic and emotional blocks from past grief and trauma. The release and healing through this treatment can be simple and surprisingly instant. It is a client favorite!

Marma Ayurvedic Medicine Anxiety Relief Nervous System Balance


An ancient Vedic acupressure treatment that balances the mind, body, and spirit through Reiki-pressure directed at marmas (energy points on the surface of the body.)  A profoundly healing treatment that addresses the mental/emotional root of physical illness. A specific marma sequence will be determined for you via Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, clinical history, and an assessment of which attributes of your constitution require balancing.

medical consultation

NLP  and Hypnosis

NLP can shine light on subconscious patterns and beliefs that may be blocking one’s release of the past and realization of their highest potential. Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy work with the subconscious mind to release blocks, gain insight and unify the conscious and subconscious in purpose. When aligned the transformation can be instant and complete.

yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy

A personalized yoga sequence of specific pranayamas and yoga postures is created to balance mental and physical ailments based on your medical assessment. Using my medical experience and applying my 500-hour certification in AyurYoga, I create your unique yoga practice and share it with you. This service can be an important adjunct to your treatment plan to balance your current concerns.