All disease begins in the gut.


I’m not interested in just medicine

I want you to feel better than ever before. I seek to uncover the path to your deepest healing. I’ll use all the tools and modalities available to me, to help you return to the person you once remember being. Intestinal health and hormone balance are my areas of expertise, which I use to bring you closer to your optimal energy, mood, sleep, and shape. When the body is working well, the mind follows, and vice versa. I love to delve into the mind-body-spirit relationship and create wellness plans that target total-being-health.

I’m here as a guide and teacher, to empower you on your path to returning to balance and vitality. I never stop learning, and I love to share every pearl of wisdom I harvest at each turn of this treasure hunt that is life. As we partner on this healing journey together, I hope you rediscover yourself and the wonder of being alive.

It’s magical. I can’t wait.

Dr. Nisha

Total health and wellness

Integrative Functional Medicine Ayurveda Doctor


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Dr. Khanna has been an absolute Godsend for me! I have bounced around from Internists and endocrinologists for years and have tried multiple thyroid medications in an attempt to find a regimen to treat my hypothyroidism to no avail. I was so frustrated with hearing “your levels are in normal range” as I gained weight and lacked energy, and knew something wasn’t right in my body.

Enter Dr. Khanna! She listened to me. She didn’t simply prescribe medication to cover up the symptoms of my disease, but instead guided me through her Gut Cleanse program to help my body restore its natural state of being from the inside out, and then tailored my medication to treat my symptoms, and found my optimal lab range. I have also taken advantage of Dr. Khanna’s knowledge in Ayurvedic treatments and have had a wonderful, spiritual cleansing experience with Marma therapy.

After working with Dr. Khanna for a couple of months, I am full of life and full of positive energy in a way I have not felt before. She has helped my body return to its natural state of being and has redefined my definition of health and wellness. I can’t wait to continue working with her, and cannot recommend her enough for others who are searching to really be well, both physically, and mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, despite this crazy, mixed-up world!

Dana Swanson

Amazing Gut Cleanse Program! I have been dealing with gut issues for years…..constantly detoxing, fasting, limiting foods, limiting calories, etc… Her program really healed me. I was able to eat and my gut was healing at the same time! I am very grateful for Dr. Nisha Khanna’s program! It really has been life changing for me!

Crystal Crayton

I made an appointment with Dr Khanna due to longstanding gut issues. From our first appointment, I felt confident that I was in a committed and knowledgeable doctor’s hands. Dr Khanna has deep expertise in the gut-brain connection and developed a comprehensive treatment plan based on my symptoms, blood work and diagnostic tests. We were relentless and steady in our approach. The combination of her recommended herbal remedy, prescription medication and Ayurvedic cleanse resolved the issue and for the first time in 2 years, I feel great! Dr Khanna followed up with me continuously and made herself available multiple times when I was struggling. She also provided me with many necessary stress relieving treatments such as an adrenal basti, guided meditation, sound baths, etc. I cannot recommend Dr Khanna enough. She is kind, caring, smart, driven to find a solution, comprehensive in her treatment, prepared to pull in other specialists to work in concert and most importantly, deeply cares about her patients. She also makes the best kitchari ever- ask for a kitchen demonstration:)!”

Sophie May
If you want to finally solve the issues that have been plaguing you for months/years/decades, consult with Dr. Khanna. Her solid training in traditional medicine AND Ayurveda combines with her deep, heart-felt desire to heal so that your health is finally optimized. She is an exceptional listener and a gifted sleuth–she WILL find out why you’re not well–and she will think inside and outside the box to leverage nutrition, supplements, medicine and lifestyle in order to personalize a program for you. I have never experienced this level of treatment, and I strongly encourage all who struggle with low energy, weight gain, post-menopausal “ickkk,” and mental fog to call Dr. Khanna today. Seriously.
Elizabeth Buongiorno
Doctor Nisha Khanna manages her business like a super woman. She shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise with gentle caring service to enhance her patient’s health and well-being.

When I began seeing Dr. Khanna, I was broken in so many ways physically, emotionally and spiritually. I experienced self-imposed apprehension about some of the treatments she recommended. However, each session, Dr. Khanna moves me into a complete state of trust and understanding as she explains everything in detail I can comprehend. She delivers the information as if she is a dear friend offering kind and loving wisdom.

With Dr. Khanna’s help, I have brought my blood pressure down over 40 points. I am no longer limping. I limped for two years after having a stroke.I am managing heart healing with several traumatic experiences. I am cleaning my body inside and out and have lost weight. The food plan and supplements Dr. Khanna recommended works with ease. I feel lighter physically and spiritually. Having Dr. Khanna in my life is truly a gift.

Rhonda Metz
I am so happy that I have found Dr. Khanna. I went in to see her for my hormones but she has helped me with so much more. Her integrative work has helped me with my wellness as a whole. She is extremely knowledgeable & caring. I would highly recommend her!
M Law

I love Dr. Khanna! Not only is she professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy, but she truly listens and provides solutions that are tailored just for me. Every time I have a session with her, no matter what service, I always leave feeling restored, supported, and healthier! Can’t say enough good things about her.

Krista Jack

Dr. Khanna has a profound, well-rounded wisdom when it comes to whole person health and wellness, and finding a comprehensive path that will lead to each person’s true healing. She worked with me on sleep and gut issues but was able to identify other key imbalances underlying some other issues as well. She is kind and gentle but with a firm knowingness that makes you feel confident she is going to be able to help you.

Blake Shanley

Dr. Khanna has magic hands! I just had an Ayurvedic oil treatment done with Marma and Reiki. It was just heavenly!!! I feel so blissful and peaceful right now, during the treatment I was so relaxed that I felt like I was floating in water, incredible! She is a true healer with so much care and grace. I’m so grateful for this experience. Thank you and I can’t wait for our next session!

Amanda Huras

Dr. Khanna is phenomenal!! The combination of her kindness, knowledge, and desire to balance the mind and body is so comforting and special. During our first consultation I couldn’t help but acknowledge how thorough she is, and how well she listened to my concerns and my wellness goals. I’m so grateful to have a doctor that is equally as caring as she is knowledgeable. Looking forward to continuing our work together!

Ps, her Reiki, Marma, & Oil treatments are out of this world. I highly recommend for a de-stressing session!

Charlie Q Robert