A multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness integrating Ayurveda and Functional Medicine. In-depth assessments of adrenal, thyroid, sex hormones and intestinal health are often used alongside Ayurvedic tongue and pulse diagnosis to create your personalized treatment plan. Diet, lifestyle modification, yoga, herbs, supplements, and hormone management may be utilized to attain your optimal and balanced potential.

There are many parallels between Ayurveda and Functional Medicine. The most apparent is the focus on intestinal health as the root cause of most imbalances and diseases. The blend of ancient wisdom and practice with modern medical advances and research has always been fascinating to me. For me, this merging imparts perspective and can create space for the welcome tempering of old and new and east and west in my treatment plans.

Looking at health and wellness through multiple lenses, in varied layers, excites me and tends to allow me to expand, rather than contract, around healing modalities, dietary recommendations, the use of supplements, etc. I believe that there is not one right way to approach everyone, no one-size fits all treatment, diet, herb, or pace at which healing occurs.

Aligned with my mission for total being wellness and healing, my treatment plans are often multidisciplinary and range from the physical such as diagnostic functional labwork, medication, supplements, herbs, and cleansing to the energetic such marma, Shirodhara, and channeled light healing.

I usually work with patients more intensely for the first 2-3 months meeting 2-3 times per month. My goal is to bring you back to a state of balance, which then only requires seasonal maintenance. I’ve found this to be the most effective method of achieving results. Treatment is usually not a one visit, quick fix, but is result-oriented. I often find patients reporting significant improvement in the first few visits. Commitment to the treatment plan and follow-up appointments is a necessary component to achieving desired results.

A sample treatment plan for anxiety would likely include herbal and supplement recommendations, an intestinal cleanse and rejuvenation, adrenal support, and yogic breathing practices.

Please book your initial consult directly online or alternatively schedule an introductory phone call, where we can determine whether we are a good match for working with each other.

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“Be not afraid. We only start again an ancient journey long ago begun that but seems new. We have begun again upon a road we travelled on before and lost our way a little while. And now we try again.”
A Course in Miracles