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The Hidden Art of Marma

Marma is the art of healing through Vedic acupressure. The points correspond to acupuncture meridians. It is an ancient, somewhat hidden artform that has immense healing power. 

In Ayurveda, marmas are access points to the mind, where a practitioner works directly on the mental/emotional plane through the body to affect physical and spiritual healing. In this 5-hour intensive training, you learn to release stagnation at these points, affect organ healing, target specific ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, and migraines, and practice treatment sequences.
 You are provided with diagrams and anatomical references to learn these points, active demonstrations, and supervised, healing practice periods.

ayurveda for life austin

Ayurveda for Life

During this scrumptious food-filled, activity-driven day retreat, we dive into the doshas and understand our unique psychobiological make-up as a balance of the 5 elements.  

With this understanding, you can best determine which foods, colors, fragrances etc. are best for your unique constitution. As a creational science, Ayurveda makes fundamental sense. Once you are familiar with the basics, it is so easy to apply this framework to your life: you, your partner, pets, friends, furniture, the weather — the entire manifest world.  

We also review key tenets of health maintenance and daily detoxification that are cornerstones to beauty, wellness, and disease prevention.

Ayurveda spa day

Ayurveda Day Spa Retreat

You glide through a 3-hour wellness circuit. Pampering stations include Ayurvedic scalp and hair rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation, lymphatic massage and marma, infrared sauna therapy, dry oil application, breathwork, and sound healing. And of course, delectable refreshments throughout. 

You’ll have detox time in the infrared sauna, followed a sandalwood dry oil application, learning how to give yourself an abhyanga — a lymphatic oil massage.

 You will also receive the nervous system rejuvenation effects of marma and neck massage therapy and seal in all the juicy yumminess with a healing sound bath. I promise you will leave here like honey. Slow and sexy. Feeling peaceful, rejuvenated, and so fragrant. Even better, is that you will leave empowered, knowing how to continue to care for yourself with these rituals.