Balancing the body through movement


A personalized yoga sequence of specific pranayamas (yogic breathwork) and yoga postures is created to balance mental and physical ailments based on your medical assessment.

Yoga postures correlate with the 7 major chakras (Vedic energy centers) and subsequently with their associated organs. In turn, the three major doshas (psycho-biological constitutions) of Ayurveda correlate with specific organs and regions of the body.

Using my medical experience and applying my 500-hour certification in AyurYoga, I build a unique yoga practice for you, that can be an important adjunct to your treatment plan to balance your current concerns.

Pranayama is often an important component to your plan, with specific practices chosen for your unique constitution and concerns, as it cleanses the energetic body, bringing vitality to the being. I liken my morning set of pranayama to a morning cup of coffee without the edge. I’ve been practicing it daily since 2006 and don’t like to leave home without it.

A sample yoga plan for anxiety might include:

Pranayama: gentle, slow nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing)
Bhramari (using breath to vibrate the sinus cavities,) which can activate the pineal gland and create a sense of peace and bliss.

Asana: anxiety is thought to be a vata disorder (imbalance of air and space element.) Therefore a sequence of postures that balance vata would likely include hip openers as the major seat of vata is in the pelvis and balancing poses which invite steadiness into the mind through steadying the body.

Using the information obtained in your initial consultation, I create your unique yoga practice and share it with you, reviewing your technique and practice in our time together. At least one follow-up session is recommended to ensure that your technique is still correct and that the treatment plan is achieving the desired results, as it can be modified accordingly.

Essentially, your session is a yoga private with an added layer of specificity relating to your unique constitution and current concerns.

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“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”