I’m always reading intentions behind words and actions and checking mine. Is there pride, is there insecurity, is there selfishness behind that?

Intentions are clearly visible if you pay attention to them.

And often, we feel them before we think them.

I often wonder is it necessary to speak.  Why do we speak?

To establish a sense of self, our place in a hierarchy?  However, the moment we think we are better than someone else, we indeed descend.

Or is a person lonely and searching for connection?  Are we not all alone and connected in the same instant?

To be understood?  If you understand yourself and are aligned with your source, why is it necessary for others to understand you?

Of course words also inspire, educate, and are a wonderful means of communion.

But I wonder that speech divides us more than it connects us.   Often words, languages, and accents are membership badges of belonging to a group. The intellectuals, the spirituals, the rebels, the gluten-free vegans etc.

So what?  We are friends because we speak the same code and share ideology or geography, and everyone who doesn’t is the enemy?

What about camaraderie of the spirit?  Where you and your intentions are understood and known without explanation. In these relationships of the spirit, words are just the adornment of an energetic exchange. They are an offering at the temple of love.

In observing intentions, when I see huge egos in operation, my first instinct is to run in the other direction. I don’t. I inwardly acknowledge them. I don’t feed them, but I dance with them so that they may know that there’s no fight and that there is truth, stillness, and observation.

And if I’m patient, then comes my compassion. Compassion for the loneliness of a life that created a vacuum for an ego to fill and the loneliness that persists because the defenses are now so high.  He needs love, not hate, and a true smile. “You are necessary. You don’t need to prove it to anyone.”

People actually make a whole lot more sense when you observe their intentions. Which chakra are they acting and speaking from? Survival, power and domination, love, insight etc.  And there are 7 additional, uncommonly spoken of, asuric (demonic) chakras below muladhara (root chakra.) We enter the world at muladhara and from there through our free-will and actions ascend or descend.

I have compassion for those that choose to descend. They are incurring such negative karma and samskaras (vibrational imprints) that get buried deep in their consciousness and will need to be brought to the surface at some point to be released.

We are actually all incurring samskaras anytime we feel or think anything other than love, joy, and peace. Samskaras stay with the soul on its journey and when released can manifest as illness and disease. (So maybe that winter cold is actually a winter cleanse :))

When you sit at the dinner table this holiday season with friends and family, I invite you to listen for intentions and watch the chakras that are lighting up? It’s fascinating! And in the very next moment, practice compassion for the wounds being displayed before you.

The only way out of samsara (the human-soul-recycling program) is up through the top of the head. We need to remove ourselves from our thoughts, words, and actions.

The mind too is yours to control.  It will birth desires according to past samskaras, but remember that you are not your mind but a witness to its fluctuations.

You need to ask, what would the highest consciousness who is your source think, say, and do at any point in time? And, is it necessary to say anything at all?

Then, our thoughts, our words, our actions, and our light will truly be divine.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Nisha


Please note that this content is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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