The holidays — with their pressures and conformity, at the end of the year, when you’re already evaluating “What am I doing with my life?” and “Why is time moving so fast?” tripled with it being low Vitamin D and Kapha season, which when imbalanced, lends to sluggish consciousness and depressed mood — can be a really difficult time!

You are here.
You chose to be here.
You chose your parents, your physical form, your gifts, your weaknesses, your trauma.
You are not a victim.
You are in charge.
You are in charge of what you think next, what you feel next, what you do next.
You are in charge of your “re-action” to the past and your action in the present.

Stop looking back. Stop looking out there. Touch your body. Feel your breath. Come back in here. Be in your body, now. Your release is in your body.

Nobody, no matter what their life looks like, is happier than you. We are all sharing every emotion in this human consciousness soup. So “re-member” that you and your sadness are not unique. Your loneliness is just a forgetting that everyone is truly alone. Alone with their thoughts and emotions. Alone on their soul’s journey. And there’s a togetherness in everyone being alone. See?

So stand up. Breathe. Deeply. Fill each aspect of your lungs with life. Breathe in the gratitude that you can draw breath. The only difference between you and a spirit is that you have a body and draw breath. It’s a gift.

Remember your gifts, those given to you and those you have to give. Today, affirm that you will discover, uncover, and use your gifts. Your unique special talents that you chose as offerings to the altar of your soul’s remembrance and as your gifts to humanity.

Use your next breath to utter an expression of love, gratitude, praise.
Use the next gesture of your hand as an offering of love, service, or assistance.
Use your Prana to create more Prana.

There’s no room for sadness to linger or take ahold of you, if you step outside, breathe in fresh air, and help someone who needs you. There are plenty of living beings that do.

The problem is thinking too small. Expand your focus to include more life, to include your neighbor, to include the world, and you will come into now, this precious now, and into what you are going to do with now.

Here are some steps to take now:

Go outside.

Take a few really deep breaths.

Shake your body all over for at least 2 min or 10 to 15 min (like no-one’s watching.)

Smile for 1 minute straight.

Wash your hair, get in or under some running water.

Listen to some vibrational sounds like Jonathan Goldman or in person  — a crystal bowl or a gong soundbath.




This content is intended for educational/inspirational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace psychotherapy, the care of a psychiatrist, or the seeking of urgent medical or psychiatric attention.