I just published my first book!

It’s a book of poems! and is dedicated to all women open to miracles.  Titled “Drops of Gold, Poems for The Modern Day Enlightened Woman,” I use the word enlightenment to mean the process of bringing in more light.

Over the past few months, I had a miraculous flow of creativity and inspiration spill out onto the page.
The book is a compilation of 69 poems, many of which flowed such that the first line was a repetitive nag in my head, till I wrote it down.  Then, within about a minute, the whole poem was written.  I noticed I would try to step out of the way and just write the first thing that came into my head.  I had little regard for whether it would make sense.  Somehow, the poem would come together beautifully, better than I could have conceived if I had thought hard about it.

I’m so excited to compile these drops into a book and share it with whoever wishes to hold a copy.
It’s available on Amazon, and of course, in person if you would like a signed copy when I see you.

With so much love,