Head in the Cosmos

It is no coincidence that Einstein’s theory of relativity equation E=mc2 links energy, matter, and light. The scientific formula states that the energy of motion of an object (kinetic energy) is equal to the mass of the object (m) multiplied by the square of the speed of light (c).

What if we extrapolate a little and say, enlightened mass is pure consciousness?  Matter, whether it be that of a person or a stone, has been infused with the radiant energy of the cosmic creator.

This is my take on the theory of relativity, and it is also the ancient sankhya philosophy – the journey of cosmic energy into matter. All of creation is the material manifestation of cosmic energy.

As matter composed of the 5 elements, let alone are we not separate from our fellow men, but we are connected with all of creation — animals, trees, mountains, lakes, sky …

Moreover, a muscle or a piece of wood is not just matter, but is alive having been infused with the light and spirit of cosmic creation.  The 5 elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth) and the spirit that infuses all of creation unites us all.

First there was only formless, genderless, truth and awareness. Then, (I’m not sure why) the cosmic Word sounded and awareness divided itself into male and female.

Male energy is thought to be steady awareness and potential energy. Female energy is thought to be that same truth, however its kinetic counterpart, that chose to bear the entire manifest world from her cosmic womb.

Perhaps, the divine mother wanted to know and share love. The only way this could happen was if awareness divided itself into observers and objects of affection, into divine parents and children.

In the garden of Eden, the divine mother made this choice to love. It led to a descent, a fall, of consciousness into matter. It led to all of creation and all of the manifest world. Creation is an expression of a mother’s love and the thirst for consciousness to know itself. Creation just needs to remember where it came from and that we are all, regardless of color or form, children with the same parents.

All of creation is alive with the light that cosmic energy infused into matter. We are one organism. When I help you, I truly help myself. When I love you, I love myself. The planet Earth too is not separate from me. I can’t expect to pollute it with waste and negativity and not have it affect me.


Back to Earth Nisha – a few practical matters

Eating seasonally and locally is thought to be good for you. Why do you think it is that the weather or the plants grown in particular climate have the capacity to affect your health? It’s because as part of creation, they are made of the same building blocks as your body – the 5 elements. It is this unifying thread of all matter that allows one substance with a distinct composition of elements to affect another.

Like increases like, and opposites balance. So on a windy, fall day, dominated by air and space elements eat some earthy, seasonal, root veggies. Nature is your friend and brother and has a built in rhythm of balance. It offers you seasonally that which will balance typical fall grievances, such as insomnia and constipation (in turn examples of elevation of air and space in the body.)

It is now also fairly common to consider the implications of the energy of the people around you. We come from energy. We are energy. If the (c) part of our energy equation is dim, if we are not connecting with our source, we will just be dull matter with less power to move and shape the world. As such, we will become an energetic sink and drain the light and energy of the creation around us. People will not feel good in our company.

Alternatively, if you remember who you really are, where you come from, and your connection to all of creation, the exact opposite is true, and you will magnetize all of creation towards you.

C is also agni. Agni means so many things. Agni is fire. It is illumination. It is radiance. It is brilliance. It is clarity. It is the transcendent force that takes matter, food, emotions, and thoughts and transforms them into pure consciousness. It is the alchemist of the material into the spiritual.

I attended a yagna (large-scale fire ceremony) last weekend for the peace and bliss of all of creation. Into the fire we offer our ego, our weakness, our selfishness, and our darkness and allow the flames of the fire to transform us, illuminate us, and connect us with our creator. The fire is the light. It is the bridge between the material and spiritual. It is the c in E=mc2.


Straight to the Heart

I’ve tried to intellectually understand the ego, illusion, the root of desire, and mental health. What I’ve learned is that the intellect only gets you so far. Only in remembering your connection to your divine family, your parents, brothers, and sisters in creation, can you transcend the mind, bypass it all, and achieve radiant existence — the flow state, where light flows through you, where nothing really matters, and all is a manifestation of divine wonder and bliss.

Ultimately, the creative narrative is not what matters.  One of my favorite quotes and something I think about often is:

At the end of your life, all that matters is how much love you shared with all of Creation.

So love all. Serve all. You were born out of love, for love, to know and experience love. Love it all, and you may just burst into light.


–Nisha Khanna, M.D.

© 2015 Nisha Khanna. All rights reserved. Please note that this content is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.