What if you chose everything?

What if you chose your physical characteristics, your parents, your gifts, your financial status, your struggles, your failed relationships … everything!

Imagine your soul before incarnation, making all these decisions, gathered in a huddle with your divine team of advisors. Wow! That rocks my world. It shifts me into a state of empowerment. Life didn’t just happen to me. With my free will, from the very start, I chose all of it.

I decided what my soul wanted to learn and work on in this lifetime.

The human experience is rich and wonderfully colored. We incarnate to love, but we also incarnate to learn. Love can be a great teacher, and remembering our choices and agreements with other souls opens us to truly loving everyone and everything in our life – past and present.

Gratitude for all the lessons of the past is wonderful. However, gratitude jumps to whole new level when we have gratitude for a soul agreeing to be an aggressor so that we might learn an important lesson.

Let’s practice.

Pick 3 things you really don’t like about yourself.

Pick 3 things you love about yourself.

Recall someone you once believed had wronged you.

Ok. Write them down with space next each one and allow yourself to free-flow an answer from the deepest, most honest part of you as to “why would I choose this?”

I’ll go first.

  1. I can lack motivation, will-power, and can be foolhardy.  (Why? Physical health factors in, but there’s always more.)
  2. I love that I am feminine, intuitive, and empathic.  (Why would I specifically choose these traits pre-birth?)
  3. Without going into details, romantic relationships haven’t worked out the way I had hoped.  (How do the former positive and negative traits influence this? Did someone truly wrong me? What did I learn from the suffering and loss?)

Maybe my negatives are manifestations of a deeper lack of self-value and inner strength, which interfere with my drive and ability to discriminate and set boundaries.  I’m not alone in my challenge. It’s the karma and cross of so many souls that choose to incarnate as women.

Intuition and empathy are invaluable in my chosen profession to serve and care for the sick, but that same empathy feeds into difficulty setting boundaries in personal relationships.

Some of my chosen traits initially attract those with a checklist. I dive in without discrimination and later we both realize we have little in common of the soul and spirit that truly matters.

So I’m pretty clear about it, and I’m determined to learn it. It’s been painful and will continue to be, until I learn it.

No one’s really wronged me. Life just keeps presenting opportunities to learn. Thank you. Thank you for giving me so many different, beautiful mirrors that show me the same reflection.

Now it’s your turn. But don’t worry. You don’t have to share. Please do it though.

You will first forgive yourself, then fall in love with yourself, and then fall in love with your past and everyone in it. You will be so truly grateful, and with wide eyes you will be open to your next challenge and whatever life brings you to learn.



This post was inspired by a recent Sedona retreat hosted by Alyssa Malehorn.