photo credit: Elis Avellan

(when you don’t want to be)

The answer is simple. It’s about vibration and energy.

We are constantly emitting a frequency that either resonates with others or doesn’t. This is a large part of why you attract your current circle of friends and also your romantic partners. There’s a saying, “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Look around at the vibration of your collective. It’s either where you are energetically or where you’re choosing to beth because furthering your growth at this point in time is uncomfortable.

Whatever frequency you put out is what you’ll attract. So what’s really neat about this is that as you evolve energetically, you magnetize people of higher frequencies as well. Loyalty aside, it will become very difficult to stay together with friends or lovers that are not on the same frequency as you are. There will be repetitive fighting, misunderstandings, or just a general lack of interest and magnetism with dissonant energies, which in turn creates more dissonance and finally separation.

The evolution of your frequency can be a passive process, we all eventually get where we want to be, but you can speed up your trajectory and make your growth an active process if you choose. You can curate your company to reflect your highest aspirations, and ride the wave of your chosen collective’s consciousness.

So as you can see, this premise applies to all relationships but is especially true of romance. In romance, we are fine-tuned radios and when your frequency matches another’s, you make music. Sometimes, you get excited because you find a cool station, but there’s still some static in the background. The music isn’t clear. And sometimes we hear music for a while but as we keep driving along the road of personal growth, we lose connection; so then, there’s just static. No music.

This is how I understand the beginning and the end of all the relationships I’ve chosen. Friendships, break-ups, make-ups, divorce. The external trappings of who said and did what is unimportant. It’s not about biographical data or stories, but it is about vibration.

So why are you still single? You’re still actively changing and raising your vibration. So much growth is snowballing, and you don’t want stop now because your ultimate symphony awaits you.