Do you know the two-part formula to health?

I first learned of it in a crash-Course in Miracles last year. I felt it. I wanted to avidly write about it back then, but I didn’t know if I could sustainably put it into practice. After a windy road of loving it and then mostly forgetting it, I’m back. It’s the only thing that matters. All truths point here.

Taking a step back in Esalen, I realized that there is no way, absolutely no way, my body can be completely healthy if I harbor even an ounce of resentment or criticism of another being. Those molecules of anger, comparison, separation etc. become part of my body and create dissonance and disease. You see, each cell’s highest, healthiest vibration is love and gratitude, so anything out of sync with this feeling equals disharmony.

I want to be healthy, so healthy. So the most important question to me is will I let those feelings linger in my body and create disease? What do I value more? Being right and an innocent victim of the world or being healthy?

I know my ego needs those beliefs to feel safe. I can recognize that. I can talk to it and say “yes, I see you are having those thoughts, because you need to feel like you matter and have purpose, and that the world as you know it makes sense to you and is, therefore, a safe place.” The ego is not a bad thing. It’s actually protective for your physical safety. The problem is when it is left unchecked.

Lately, inspired Margot Anand’s writing, I’ve been visualizing my ego as a little, cute kitten that I put into a box. When it asks for attention, I stroke its face, acknowledge its intentions, and understand its needs. I’m not this kitty. I get to decide what I see and feel. I can choose my perception. I can choose my response.

I can choose to see love and innocence. I can choose laughter.

Part 1 in the formula to health then, is letting go of my grievances against humanity and choosing connection over separation. Connection is always the more difficult and profoundly more rewarding option. I can choose to see what I don’t like in my world as a catalyst for my own growth. Then, lingering dis-ease literally doesn’t stand a chance.

Part 2 is surrender. Openness. Allowing. Flow. Presence. Expansion.

That feeling when you want something so bad, that you have to have it yesterday (I’m all too familiar with it) — that’s constriction. Worry about anything eg. your kids, your finances — that’s also constriction. I love the quote “Release your grasp on life. Let what wants to stay, stay. What wants to flow out, leave.”

Step out the way. Be open to the magic. Release your grasp, so that you can allow the pearl to float into your palm.

This world, let it surprise you. Remember, the surprise is so much better than the plan.

Connection plus Surrender equals Health.

No disease can exist in their radiance. But they are also the keys to a magical, miraculous life – one of confidence in Wonder.

When given the option these days, I choose peace. I choose love. I choose trust. I choose magic. I choose my health.




I love myself so much.

So much, that I show up with bells and bright colors. 

So much, that I raise my hand to question

and my voice to sing.

So much, that I fill the space around me, with my ecstasy.

So much,

that if you don’t swell with me, 

you may feel small.

But that’s not my intention.

I intend to love, live, and breathe. 

With one breath, you can do the same. 

There’s room for you here.

Come now. Breathe with me

And together we’ll expand the world.  







This content is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.