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Five, 15 Minute, Gluten-Free, Protein-Rich Recipes

I love exploring food in restaurants, but this is punctuation to my experience, not the source of my daily sustenance. It takes a little planning and a bit more effort, but nourishing yourself from your own kitchen is such a lovely way to honor yourself. It’s also nice to not have to leave your home to get nourished and have some leftovers (that you use within 24hrs) as fuel for your next day’s meal.


Die So That We May Live

It was really gross. I was emptying my fridge before I left for vacation and realized I had left an herbal-coconut milk face mask a few days too long in the fridge. The tiny cup was studded with dime-sized colonies of white mold, and wispy gray fibers reached up the sides and crossed over the top of the cup.


An Intentional Universe

I’m always reading intentions behind words and actions and checking mine. Is there pride, is there insecurity, is there selfishness behind that? Intentions are clearly visible if you pay attention to them. And often, we feel them before we think them.



    Head in the Cosmos It is no coincidence that Einstein’s theory of relativity equation E=mc2 links energy, matter, and light. The [...]


Becoming Human Again

The Microcosm When people gossip about their so-called friends, present one face in society and another at home, or cheat on their partners, [...]


It’s Teatime!

I’m notorious among my friends for ordering hot water in restaurants.   In fact, my single quick Ayurvedic tip for random strangers that ask, [...]