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Spring Clearing

As I was setting a program in place for the continuous cleaning and clearing of non-beneficial energy from my home and office, I realized that all I had to do to set this program into motion was declare it to be so. Three times with conviction. It reminded me of Dorothy’s Oz clicking her heels or the casting of a spell from fairytales.


Why Are You Still Single?

We are constantly emitting a frequency that either resonates with others or doesn’t. This is a large part of why you attract your current circle of friends and also your romantic partners. There’s a saying, “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Look around at the vibration of your collective. It’s either where you are energetically or where you’re choosing to beth because furthering your growth at this point in time is uncomfortable.


How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

I woke up, as I lay dozing listening to Autobiography of a Yogi. The book is speckled with mystical, heart-opening accounts and recollections, but for me, the universe opened up, right around hour 15 of the audio. Below, I will share what I learned.



I had a really great conversation over the weekend. A friend's wise father shared a perspective which really resonated with me. When we are truly present to a moment, it exists in one’s memory as an isolated snapshot in time, timeless and unconnected to the past or the future. A blink. Only when we attach negative emotional charge to a moment do we create a timeline or story. Otherwise moments just exist, almost apart from time.


Summer Slim-Down Challenge

It is becoming more widely known that weight and body contouring have less do with calories in and calories out than lowering total body inflammation and increasing anti-oxidants. An inflamed body retains excess fat and water.


Healing Heartbreak

Most of the world suffers from heartbreak in some form or another. It’s a leading cause of not realizing one’s greatest potential. We are spiritual beings in human bodies with human brains. Therefore, although the spirit is more evolved and clear of purpose, the melded incarnated form can get confused when there is the semblance of the end of love in relationships.


My Daily Ritual

A life of routine allows you to agree upon best practices, incorporate them, and then simply relax into anchoring aspects of daily life. Routine frees up some brain space, because after a while, you do it and don’t even think about it. It also grounds like nothing else and is an excellent way to balance the vata chaos of modern living.


Free Will

What if you chose your physical characteristics, your parents, your gifts, your financial status, your struggles, your failed relationships ... everything! Imagine your soul before incarnation, making all these decisions, gathered in a huddle with your divine team of advisors. Wow! That rocks my world. It shifts me into a state of empowerment. Life didn’t just happen to me. With my free will, from the very start, I chose all of it.


Five, 15 Minute, Gluten-Free, Protein-Rich Recipes

I love exploring food in restaurants, but this is punctuation to my experience, not the source of my daily sustenance. It takes a little planning and a bit more effort, but nourishing yourself from your own kitchen is such a lovely way to honor yourself. It’s also nice to not have to leave your home to get nourished and have some leftovers (that you use within 24hrs) as fuel for your next day’s meal.


Die So That We May Live

It was really gross. I was emptying my fridge before I left for vacation and realized I had left an herbal-coconut milk face mask a few days too long in the fridge. The tiny cup was studded with dime-sized colonies of white mold, and wispy gray fibers reached up the sides and crossed over the top of the cup.